These guys, what a fantastic, friendly professional couple. We limped into their service centre at lunchtime with an empty master cylinder. They both interrupted their lunches, getting under my Landcruiser (with a piece of pizza in hand) and made a quick fix. The part was placed on order and we came back three days later. Not only the same excellent service, but also charged less than the incredibly reasonable estimate. In fact, they spent more time with the quick fix than the total time they charged for everything. Truly, fantastic, friendly and 100% professional service, AND lovely people. Thanks guys!

Jim Smith

Great professional friendly service. No messing around, just got in there did the right thing, got the job done and did a good job. Asked if any other work could be done to improve my car, they where honest and told me whats left to be done and what would be a waste of money. Good guys, highly recommend them.

Clive Powner

Wonderful experience, had a great service and car was looked after. Done more work than quoted for the same price and globes was changed for free. Excellent service my car is going there every time from now on.

Santosh Chitneni